How do veterans plan funerals?

Honoring veterans that served in the Air Force, Army, or Navy is a way to express appreciation for what they have done for the country. But how can veterans plan funerals safely and without hassle?

As you might know, VA dispenses veterans’ burial benefits for honorably discharged members of the military. But not every funeral home can provide dedicated services, a funeral service provider for burials, ceremonials, and cremations, operating in San Bernardino, CA, which helped us better understand this topic.

Veterans funeral care

Planning for a veteran’s funeral is not only about making sure the veteran gets the credit he or she deserves. Of course, offering a memorial ceremony to those willing to die for all of us is essential because it is a matter of respect. But from a practical perspective, planning such a funeral means applying for the veterans’ benefits by filing the official documents and modules to request funding benefits for specific expenses and not others.

A funeral home guides veterans and their family members through the process step by step. Thanks to dedicated consulting, they answer any questions about eligibility and documentation. In other words, they streamline the planning and keep it simple for the bereaved, who have only to confirm and provide the necessary data.

About Honors

A member of the military may get Full or Regular Honors. In detail, Full Honors belongs to the retired military and include:

  • chaplain
  • folding the flag
  • pallbearers
  • playing of taps
  • the 21-gun salute

Anyone else who got honorable discharged receives Regular Honors, which consist of:

  • a three-person detail team that fold the flag and present it to the next of kin
  • the ceremonial bugle (playing Taps)

Services also provide a Funeral Director and support staff. Plus, an online memorial website for anyone to pay homage to the veteran. But on request, they can also offer:

  • custom engraving to create a meaningful design on the burial site
  • personalized urns
  • tribute videos

Why opt for cremation services

After COVID-19 put funeral services like these on hold last year, sites like offer practical and immediate expert advice on the topic. Not only do they help with the application for requesting veterans’ benefits, but they are a source of information for coordinating with VA national cemeteries.

Veterans can thus plan funerals with ease while maintaining social distancing for a safer consultation on both ends.