Does Your Back Hurt?

If you are experiencing frequent lower back pain, this can be a clear signal that something is wrong with your spine. But don’t be afraid that you will need spinal surgery right away, but we recommend that you visit your doctor as soon as possible.

In any case, be optimistic because most spine problems are successfully treated with non-invasive methods of treatment if the problem is noticed at an early stage.

Why do we say visit your doctor as soon as possible? Be aware of the fact that if treatment of the spine is not started in time, serious degenerative changes can occur.

How is spinal surgery performed?

The good news is that modern medicine is making constant progress in technology and equipment, so today, spine surgery is performed more efficiently than ever before. Today, it is quite normal to perform minimally invasive spine surgery. Why is this important? Because minimally invasive surgery does not damage the surrounding tissue, it does not reduce our bone structure, muscles, and the like. After the minimally invasive method, the patient recovers relatively quickly after the intervention and does not have any motor limitations.

Prevention of spinal diseases

In order to take care of your spine in time and reduce the risk of possible problems, it is recommended that you maintain optimal and healthy body weight. Always bear in mind proper lifting techniques to keep your spine from pressure and strain.

Types of spine surgery

Disk replacement

Disc replacement refers to the process of removing a damaged spinal disc and inserting a special layer between the vertebrae. The recovery time is relatively short, and after the procedure, there is almost no chance that the new disk will fall out of its place.


This procedure is used to remove paint, which is a consequence of a compromised nerve in the spine. Here, the Spine MD surgeon removes the bone located on the side of the vertebrae in order to expand the space so that the nerve can easily come out of the spine. This extra space significantly reduces the pressure on your nerves and instantly relieves pain.

Spinal fusion

This is an operation that resolves nonspecific chronic back pain. Here, the surgeon connects the vertebrae. In this way, their movement is limited, and they are set in relation to the extensibility of your nerves. This will in no way limit your activities.

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